Transcendence: Focus Workbooks

"Entrepreneurs Who Understand These Deep Work Principals Are A Walking Nightmare..."

Matthew Sabia’s Step-By-Step Guide On How To Unlock Your Full IQ (Deep Work) To Activate Dangerous Levels Productivity In Your Business And Life.

Learn how to confront your inner devil, remove unnecessary distractions and develop a laser-targeted, lethal sense of focus that turns “wantrepreneurs” into 7-figure marketers and build unstoppable business machines.

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The 20+ Actionable Chapters Include:

  • Confronting Your Inner Devil
  • Simplifying And Treating Your Life Like A Video Game
  • The Cancerous Effects Social Media Has On Your Mind
  • Develop A Healthier Relationship With Social Media
  • Put Down Your Phone
  • Turning Your Computer Into A Business Machine
  • Your New Toolkit Of Secret Digital Weapons
  • Busy People = Broke People
  • Hacking Your Daily Routine
  • Becoming A Perfectionist (In The Right Things)
  • Removing The Time Sinks The Hard Work Antinomy
  • The Dangerous Power Of Transcendence
  • Your Physical & Mental Health Or Directly Linked
  • Nutritional & Nootropic Supplements I Take Regularly
  • My Morning Routine And IsIt Important For Success?
  • Taking A Dopamine Vacation
  • The 3 Whys: A Formula For Effective Problem Solving
  • Stop Apologizing For Success: A Lesson In Ruthlessness
  • Hacking Your Daily Routine
  • Recreation And Restoration Where To Go Next

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